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Why corridors matter

In ecological terms, a corridor is a pathway of natural habitat between two larger patches of habitat. Animals can use corridors to travel from one living space to another. As more and more space is developed, we are sacrificing these ecologically crucial pathways. Here’s one reason that corridors matter:


You found a fossil… now what? (all the details!)

Outcrops like these are what people often think of as fossil localities (credit: Lauren Milideo)

Where do people find fossils?
It happens often.  Ask any museum curator, and she can tell you countless stories of people coming to the museum with items they found in the backyard or in the garden.  People find teeth, and sometimes bones, on the beach or in a stream bed. Sometimes, construction workers or fishermen turn up a huge bone or a tooth during the course of their work.  Here is an overview of some

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Another reason to protect our coastal environments…

Check it out… Looks like we should pay attention to how we care for our coasts. They take care of us, too.