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New insight from Mt. Hood magma!

Check out my new story in EARTH magazine:

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Naia, an ancient human skeleton in Mexico: why it’s in the news and why it’s important

You might have seen some stories in the news lately about a skeleton of a young woman that was found in a cave in Mexico.  If you’re anything like me, you think that any find like this is interesting and important.  But not every such find makes the news.  Wondering why this particular discovery, published last week in Science, caused such a stir? Read More…

Another place where history, science come together

Check out this awesome discussion of New England’s stone walls!
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The Back Rooms of Museums: a Dusty Scientific Frontier?

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Utah outcrop. These aren’t the only places where new fossil species turn up. Credit: L. Milideo

If you love paleontology and biology, you’re probably excited whenever you hear of a new species discovered, somewhere Read More…

Global warming revealing long-hidden artifacts from last century and ancient past

Credit: Lauren Milideo

Credit: Lauren Milideo

In high-latitude and high-elevation localities across the world, glacial ice is shrinking, melting, retreating.  As this occurs, objects formerly trapped in the ice are deposited on the suddenly-exposed ground surface.

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A hidden portion of the sea-level rise story

Check this out: a different, and less frequently discussed, portion of the sea-level rise story:

Another reason to protect our coastal environments…

Check it out… Looks like we should pay attention to how we care for our coasts. They take care of us, too.