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You found a fossil… Now what? (the very condensed version)

Outcrops like these are what people often think of as fossil localities (credit: Lauren Milideo)

Where do people find fossils? 
It happens often.  Ask any museum curator, and she can tell you countless stories of people coming to the museum with items they found in the backyard or in the garden.  People find teeth, and sometimes bones, on the beach or in a stream bed. Sometimes, construction workers or fishermen turn up a huge bone or a tooth during the course of their work.  Here is a very brief overview of somethings you can do if you find a nonhuman vertebrate fossil or bone (i.e. the remains of an animal that had a backbone – like a

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Limekilns, mysterious rockpiles, non-meteorites, and how history and geology interact


A limekiln in central Pennsylvania; credit: Lauren Milideo

One afternoon this summer, my husband and I were driving in central Pennsylvania when I spotted something awesome from the

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